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Whether professional can use dwelling residential premises partly for professional practice?

Whether professional can use dwelling residential premises partly for professional practice?
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posted by RAJENDRA B. POPAT on Jan 25, 2011

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Yes there is no restriction in this regard, you can very well the residential house property for professional practice as well. pawanca.ngp@gmail.com

posted by CA. Pawan Kumar Jain on Jan 25, 2011

Answer ID : 29627
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Generally yes, he can but the area which is used for prof practice should be separated from living area.

posted by CA Kishore Bardia on Jan 25, 2011

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posted by CA. TRIVEDI MANISH UMESHCHANDR on Jan 25, 2011

Answer ID : 29643
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Yes. But ensure that the place is registered with ICAI as your head office or branch.

posted by balasubramanian on Jan 26, 2011

Answer ID : 29648
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Profl. can use

posted by CA.S. NANDAKUMAR on Jan 27, 2011

Answer ID : 29651
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there appesrs to be no bar on a professional using a building for professional as well as official purposes

posted by CA. VENKITARAMAN K V on Jan 27, 2011

Answer ID : 29687
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No restriction from the angle of profession but your local authority may tax the whole building as commercial use.

posted by unnikrishnan nair n on Jan 28, 2011

Answer ID : 29695
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Yes one can use his house for profesional purpose, The Punjab Haryna h c has hold that if the house is used by an advocate for his profesional activity. Then the elctric meter instaled in the hosue will not be convered in to a comercial use(it means the charges for per unit will be the same as of residencial unit Not that of comercial unit). (2) the other Exp. has to be divied used for resi and for office.

posted by VINOD MITTAL,BATHINDA on Jan 28, 2011

Answer ID : 29915
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Dear Rajendra, Law does not define where you need to set up your practice. You can practice at any place as along as you are able to attract clients.

posted by MAHESH R on Feb 04, 2011

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posted by CA.veerendra.T.Murashillin on May 28, 2011

Answer ID : 40435
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yes. but keep the data d with icai

posted by CA. VENKITARAMAN K V on Oct 02, 2012

Answer ID : 40544
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Yes. There is nothing wrong in it. You can use a house for dwelling and professional purposes. There is no objection from the side of ICAI.

posted by CA SAIBABU RAO NANDURI on Oct 07, 2012


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