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Registration limit for Good and services

I would like to know present registration limit ( whether it is Rs 40 lakhs or Rs 20 lakhs ) and whether it is same as for goods and services or different ? . 

Posted by samirkumar gokulbhai kasvala on Apr 27, 2019

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From april 2019 onwards the limit for registration for dealers has been fixed at 40 lakhs and the lilit of Rs 20 lakhs continues in respect of service providers.

Posted by SIVADAS CHETTOOR on Apr 27, 2019
Answer ID : 76519

Further to add on, the limit of Rs 40L and Rs.20L is only for Intra- state . The limit is not applicable if you are selling goods inter-state, i.e., from one state to another.

Posted by CA. BISHT RAKESH on Apr 28, 2019
Answer ID : 76522

Registration limit from 01.04.2019 for goods is 40 Lakh and for service 20 lakh. Limit for goods is applicable only in case of exclusive supply of goods.

Posted by CA. chunauti dholakia on Apr 29, 2019
Answer ID : 76630

For goods the limit is Rs.40 lakhs and for services, Rs.20 lakhs.

Posted by CA. VENKITARAMAN K V on May 25, 2019