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Additional Place of business

Hello, Kindly explain what is additional place of business under gst? Do I have to obtain separate registration for each additional place of business, if the additional place of business and main place of business is in the same state?What other rules should we follow under gst for additional place of business?Should we charge gst when we transfer goods from main place of business to additional place ?If the supplier directly sends the goods to additional place of business, then also gst needs to be charged?please explain.

Posted by deepika on Oct 16, 2019

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You do not need to take the separate registration under single PAN in one state, GST registration is statewise, you need to amend the GST registration and add additional place of business under same GST registration. transfer of goods and services under same PAN in same state need not to charge the GST.

Posted by GANESH KESHAO NIKAM on Oct 19, 2019