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As per sec 49A of Cgst Act, the utilization of IGST has to be done first. It there any order in which this utilisation is to be done. i.e igst then cgst and than sgst. or we can use for SGST first and than for CGST.

Posted by VIPIN GUPTA on Nov 17, 2019

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Yes, Rule 88A allows utilisation of IGST against CGST or SGST in any order after setting off IGST liability.

Posted by CA. SHILPI KATARIYA on Nov 18, 2019
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The Input tax credit shall be utilized in the following manner as per Sec 49(5) of CGST Act, 2017 1. IGST ITC - a. IGST b. CGST c. SGST 2. CGST ITC - a. CGST b. IGST 3. SGST ITC - a. SGST b. IGST but as per sec 49A, it can be interpretted that, any ITC of Central, State or Union territorry has been left of shall not be utilized towards the setoff of the same unless the IGST ITC balance has been setoff against the CGST, SGST or UTGST. only after IGST balance becomes nil, we can utilize CGST, SGST and UTGST ITC.

Posted by MASAI GAUTHAM RAJ on Nov 18, 2019
Answer ID : 80245

As per rule 88A, ITC utilization of IGST can be done in any order. Only pre-condition is that ITC of IGST should be Fully exhausted first before using other credits

Posted by CA. chunauti dholakia on Nov 18, 2019
Answer ID : 80265

Rule 88A was inserted to remove any Second Priority for utilization of IGST after being utilized for IGST Payable.

Posted by Ashish Kumar Goyal on Nov 27, 2019