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Refund application

while creating refund application for 2018-19 Portal asks to file refund application for 2017-18 first. Whether it is compulsory to file refund application for that year.

Posted by Mahesh Kumar on Nov 30, 2019

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Yes, It is compulsory to file Refund application of that year.

Posted by JYOTI BALUNI on Nov 30, 2019
Answer ID : 80279

Yes, It is compulsory either to file the refund or to declare that you do not want to take refund of that specific year.

Posted by Aparna Bhardwaj on Nov 30, 2019
Answer ID : 80281

Yes. If there is no Refund due then you need to file NIL Refund application. Refer Clause 8 of Circular No. 125/44/2019 - GST

Posted by SHRAVAN KUMAR on Dec 02, 2019