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Long Term capital gain

An individual has sold a Plot after holding for 8 years and Sales consideration is 10 Lacs on which after indexation Long term capital gain of Rs 740000-arises He has invested Rs 7 Lacs for purchase of residential house within one year of transfer Under sec 54F Deduction of 540000- is available and around RS 200000- becomes Long Term Capital Gain liable to 20% Tax Can he invest another 3Lacs on another residential house to avoid tax payment by transferring 3Lacs to Capital gain scheme to reinvest 3 lac within 2 Years of sale of Plot Kindly advice

Posted by Mahesh Kumar on Nov 25, 2021


Answer ID : 81366

He can't invest Rs. 3 lakhs as proposed since exemption is prohibited per 54F (1) proviso a (ii) or (iii).

Posted by B.CHACKRAPANI WARRIER on Nov 25, 2021