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Member In Charge of CA Firm

Currently I am holding COP and having FRN. Now I want to join another CA firm as partner. My Question is whether there is any restriction/condition that person holding FRN as a proprietor can't became branch in charge of other CA firm as partner ? Can one CA be branch in charge of the office of CA firm as partner and simultaneously have FRN as proprietor ?

Posted by SHIVANI ASHOKBHAI RAYJADA on Mar 09, 2022

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Yes. You can join another firm as partner. But in such case UCN will not be allotted to your proprietorship firm as you are not exclusively associated with the proprietorship firm.

Posted by CA. chunauti dholakia on Mar 10, 2022
Answer ID : 81434

Yes u can join as partner. But either of the one firm will be eligible for empanelment.

Posted by VINAY BHARGAV KUMAR G on Mar 11, 2022