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Consequences of Merger of 2 CA Firms

I am currently practising as a sole proprietor. I am also a partner in another firm. Now we are planning to merge the 2 firms. My sole proprietorship is appointed as auditor in some companies. My query is as a result of merger, do I need to resign in those companies by filing Form ADT-3 and appoint the partnership firm as auditor by filing Form ADT-1 or the partnership firm will automatically be appointed as auditor

Posted by Abi Muthuraj on May 28, 2022


Answer ID : 83827

Get the merger recorded in the ICAI and Intimate with the merger documents to all your clients. There is no need to resign from the audit and again file ADT1. Tell the client to adopt the merger documents in their Board Meeting and intimate to the shareholders through the notice of the AGM.

Posted by CA. JHA SHANKAR KUMAR on Sep 19, 2022