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Signing of Unaudited Statements

The Bankers asking Signature of Chartered Accountants wiith UDIN in case of unaudited statements and 44AD clients. When we say with regard to our Guidelines on Unaudited statements they are not satisfied. Hence kindly provide the opinion on that topic, so that we could able to forward the same to the Bankers. We feel that the Institute may issue general guidelines to the Bankers with regard to this matter, in appropriate channel.

Posted by R. KANDASAMY on Jun 11, 2022

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Please follow SRS 4410 and accordingly sign and generate UDIN. Banker's view is correct to that extent. Seems no need for further guidelines on this in view of SRS mentioned herein above.

Posted by B.CHACKRAPANI WARRIER on Jun 11, 2022
Answer ID : 81527

UDIN is compulsory for unaudited financial statements also. Management Representation letter should be obtained from management before signing such financial statements and a report along with signed statements should be attached indicating roles and responsibilities of CA regarding such unaudited financial statements.

Posted by CA. chunauti dholakia on Jun 11, 2022