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Clause-44 And 30 C of Form-3CD

Whether clause 44 And 30C of Form 3Cd are applicable for Reporting in 3CD for Asst Year 2022-23.

Posted by ARUN KUMAR ARORA on Jun 18, 2022


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Not applicable. Inference - Circular 5/2021 dared March 15, 2021.

Posted by B.CHACKRAPANI WARRIER on Jun 20, 2022
Answer ID : 81534

In my opinion yes. Because reporting in Form 3CD is based on the Financial Data of relevant previous year, therefore, the deferment of clauses 30C and 44 was up to 31.03.2022 gives an impression that same is applicable from the commencing from 01.04.2022, But emphasis in the circular is towards reporting requirement only and not towards period of financial year. Thus in this view any report issued/signed after 31.03.2022 will be cover both clauses. It means clauses 30C and 44 is applicable for the Assessment Year 2022-23.

Posted by CA (Dr) Mukesh Kumar Ruwatia on Jun 24, 2022