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Foreign income

A Resident on Student visa is earning some income in Canada and paying some taxes there also. Whether this income should be added in indian income during fin yr 21-22 and taxes paid should be added in taxes paid

Posted by Mahesh Kumar on Jul 03, 2022


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If the student is 'resident in India' per section 6 of the Income tax Act,1961 then Canadian income should be included while filing income tax return in India. Also avail credit for Canadian tax per section 90 r. a. w DTAA.

Posted by B.CHACKRAPANI WARRIER on Jul 09, 2022
Answer ID : 83561

If any one is a resident then his/ her global income is taxable in India. Definitely they can get the credit of TDS deducted at foreign soil after filling the prescribed form by the Income tax act, 1961.

Posted by CA. JHA SHANKAR KUMAR on Aug 01, 2022