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HELLO MEMBERS, I had a query related to following: An assessee is a pensioner but due to default of Bank Department he did not receive his pension of the FY 20-21 during the year. After correction, bank give his pension of FY 20-21 in the current financial year (that is FY 21-22) along with pension of current FY 21-22. Now my question is Can assessee get benefit of Section 89(1) that is relief for arrears of salary (Pension) received during the FY 21-22 ? If yes, how will we treat it? as arrears of salary received or something else?

Posted by JYOTI MAHAJAN on Jul 05, 2022

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It can be claimed as arrears of salary and before claiming that there is a prescribed form which is required to be filled.

Posted by CA. JHA SHANKAR KUMAR on Aug 01, 2022