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RCM ON RENTING OF RESIDENTIAL AND DWEELING PROPERTY BOTH ARE REGISTERED UNDER GST:- As new Notification-05/202022 came for RCM on renting of Residential dwelling , please let us clarify :- 1. Whether both tenant and landlord are registered under GST , who will be liable to pay GST ? whether RCM or Forward ? 2. For identification of "residential dwelling properties" , Since GST act is not define ,how to identify. In some of cities categories properties by municipality Corporation for taxability on commercial and residential but uses may not be the same. 3. Whether companies Guest house taken on lease , the same will be classified under residential ?

Posted by PREM NIWAS CHOUDHARY on Sep 10, 2022

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1. Landlord will charge, and tenant will pay. 2. If it is designated by the municipal corporation and supported by the rent agreement then it is a residential dwelling unit. Otherwise, substance will prevail. 3. It is residential only.

Posted by CA. JHA SHANKAR KUMAR on Sep 19, 2022