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Sequence of Financial Statements

Is there any basis for presenting the Financial Statements in the Sequence wherein Balance Sheet, then P & L , then cash flow and later on the other disclosures (RPT etc.). As one of our client wants to disclose the notes to account like RPT, Ratios, CSR with the accounting policy.

Posted by PREYA LUNAWAT on Jun 03, 2023

Filed Under Companies Act, 2013

Answer ID : 85074

Notes to accounts are part of financial statements. Hence it should be presented separately from accounting policies.

Posted by CA. chunauti dholakia on Jun 06, 2023
Answer ID : 85075

Sequence is BS, P&L, CFS and Notes ( per Companies Act,2013). Notes shall contain Accounting Standards, Accounting Policies ,as applicable to the auditee, and Regulatory information as notified in Schedule III on 24-03-2021 by MCA.

Posted by B.CHACKRAPANI WARRIER on Jun 07, 2023