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Query Regarding Conversion of Proprietorship into partnership

I am a Practicing Chartered accountant practicing under Trade name and FRN. Also I am registered under RBI Bank branch audit panel and been alloted UCN. I am going to add one partner under my trade through which my proprietorship firm will get converted into partnership So I have two query due to above conversion : 1) Whether my FRN number and Trade Name will remain Same.? 2) Whether my UCN alloted for Bank branch audit panel will remain same.? As I want both the above things to remain unchanged.

Posted by GOPAL NANAKRAM POPTANI on Jul 08, 2023


Answer ID : 85102

yes both will remain the same

Posted by SHUBHAM SONI on Jul 08, 2023
Answer ID : 85103

As I am getting allotment of statutory bank branch audit from last year under proprietorship firm so if I am converting proprietorship firm to partnership firm 1) Will it affect my allotment of bank branch audit for the year 2023-24 onwards.? and 2) Whether my bank audit experience under proprietorship firm will continue to be counted under partnership firm.?

Posted by GOPAL NANAKRAM POPTANI on Jul 08, 2023