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Sale of Property by NRI

A NRI has to sell a Property around Rs 75 Lacs on which TDS is required to be deducted at higher rates .Profit is around Rs 5.5 lacs only .He wants to file Form 13 on Traces site but can not file in the absence of TAN numbers of Joint Purchasers Is there any wayout

Posted by Mahesh Kumar on Aug 08, 2023


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Buyer require to take TAN No.

Posted by DEEPAK KUMAR MITTAL on Aug 09, 2023
Answer ID : 85121

TAN no. is the prerequisite for the Buyers to take if buying a property from NRI. TAN is allotted at the same time whenever someone applies on the basis of Aadhar. Then makes a calculation and files it with the Jurisdictional Officer.

Posted by surekha on Aug 14, 2023