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How to claim input GST on online trading of Goods

The dealer sells goods through flipkart say for Rs100/- per unit. Flipkart pays Rs. 30 for delivery charges and remits Rs. 30 to the dealer with GST. The turnover is booked at RS. 70 with GST for a sale of Rs. 100. Besides the input GST on delivery charges paid by Flipkart is passed on to the dealer as it is booked on the dealer's GST. The dealer is recording a gross profit of Rs 40 being 70-30 = 40 ( booked turnover- delivery charges) where his gross profit is 100-30=70. Hence resulting in a loss with heavy input to be reversed. How do we deal with this situation?

Posted by Y.KANAKAMAHALAKSHMI on Nov 15, 2023

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Flipcart is issuing bill for each order where Taxable amount as well as GST payable is shown They are remitting You the realised amount after deduction of their commission etc Normally this is a heavy deduction and may go up to 30% Their should not be major difference between Selling price and Taxable Amount as only Shipping charges will be added to Taxable amount apart from GST You should adjust your selling price accordingly to arrive at any profit Otherwise U can lose money in business

Posted by Mahesh Kumar on Nov 18, 2023