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Missed to File form 10BA

Belated return is filed on 31.03.2023 by claiming deduction u/s 80GG of rent paid, but failed to upload Form 10BA. Return is processed considering the deduction even though Form 10BA is not filed. Can you suggest further course of action in this regard. Thanks.

Posted by ESWARAIAH Y on Jan 01, 2024


Answer ID : 85267

Did not follow the question. Understand, benefit U/s 80GG is not given in the In the Intimation given, due to non filing of Form 10BA. If that is right, File Form 10BA now and also file Rectification claiming the Deduction.

Posted by Rupakula Rajasekhar on Jan 08, 2024
Answer ID : 85279

form 10 ba should be filed for claiming deduction u/s 80gg file it if it can be filed now, ( i dont think system will allow) if allowed file rectification return and get the deduction allowed

Posted by CA Shrawan Suthar on Jan 26, 2024
Answer ID : 85297

The Finance Act, 2022 has brought new Income Tax return filing facility to be known as ‘Updated Return’. If the assessee has filed belated original return U/s. 139(4) then also he can file updated return. upload Form 10BA, claim deduction u/s 80GG

Posted by Hari Beldona on Feb 02, 2024