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Myt client has written cheques dated 25.03.2024 to a trade payable falling under the Micro or Small category as defined under the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Act, 2006. As on 31.03.2024, the time period allowed under the said Act, has expired. The said cheque is cleard after 15.04.2024. My client is having (1) current account only, (ii) my client is enjoying credit facilty and that cheque is withing drawing power, or (iii) my client is enjoying credit facilty and his limit got exceeded if auditor counts that chequed dated 25.03.2024. My question is : When is the said cheque dated 25.03.2024 and cleard on or after 15.04.2024 treaed as cleard in the books of account?

posted by KETAN SHETH on Jan 23 2024 12:00AM

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